724transfer.com - Feefo Integration


Feefo is an independent customer feedback service with a high international reputation and recognition, in co-operation with many global brands. Besides some feedback services such as trustpilot, tripadvisor...etc, FEEFO is performancing a much different and innovative method.


System works as :


1- Customer books a service and provider gives the service.

2- After service is completed, FEEFO gets into contact with customer.

3- Customer gives a rating and and write a review for their experience.

4- The ratings and reviews are published in the website of the service provider under control of FEEFO. Service provider has no act to change the content. ( ID of the guests are hidden in order to keep their privacy ) 

5- The ratings and reviews are also published in the website FEEFO.com.


What makes FEEFO system different and its advantages ?


1- All the feedbacks are from real people upon their real experiences. In other public review sites somebody who has never had a real experience can also give comments and gives positive or negative directions.

2- All the feedbacks are published ( except the ones with slang content ) without checking the criteria positive or negative. Service providers can not restrict or ban any feedback to be published, only they have right to give answers to the feedbacks. Answers of the service providers are viewed under the feedbacks, so people can follow the progress of the case.

3- Receiving the feedbacks by FEEFO as an independent from service providers, allows readers to reach at the most correct and real information.

4- Service providers working with FEEFO are aware that their services are revieved by real customers in an open and shared social environment, so that motivates them to keep their service level in the best possible standart.

5- Service providers can measure their service levels following the feedbacks and have chance to improve their standarts.

6- In FEEFO platform, the feedbacks and service provider answers are published together, so readers can have an opinion about customer service approach of the companies.


FEEFO integration will be completed and activated soon.


For detailed information please visit www.feefo.com